Privacy Policy


We are firmly against the personalization of collected data.

The only thing we have tied to your account, is your email as we need it to communicate with you. In all other cases, we find it completely unnecessary to tie the data we collect with the person we collect it from.


We collect “real-world” data [ie. hardware specs, IP] in a non-personalized way ; there is no way for us to know what Hardware you are using or which IP you play from.

At the same time, we want to know that someone (doesn’t matter who) that uses a certain Hardware Configuration, is not able to play the game smoothly – so we can update our minimum requirements.

And we want to know the Country of the people who visit our website, and if the same IP has broken a community rule multiple times – so we can ban the IP for good, not just the account.

For that, we still do NOT log your actual IP (as we don’t want to have it), but a hashed version of it.

The same way, as we hash your passwords, so that we don’t actually see the password you are using, while being able to check if you used the correct password to log in.


We also collect “in-game” data [ie. play sessions, ability combinations, match statistics], and we tie these to your account – therefore to your email.

That way we know how many opponents you’ve defeated, and we know when was the last time you logged in – so we can balance the gameplay, and know when something is wrong.

—- OUTRO —

We are always looking for way to de-personalize data, be it real-world or in-game.

If you have a suggestion, reach out at