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We all die some time. The question is, what comes after that? To answer, we will visit the legend of the Mother Realm, gathering place of souls from every reality.

The Mother Realm, gathering place of souls

The legend begins with Nimelle Dios, a kindhearted arch-sorceress who’s been serving as the Soul Guide, ever since the destruction of the realm’s core.

She has single-handedly ensured the continuous flow of the newly-deceased for the past century, leading them to their respective planets in the Mother Realm.

Unless, ever so often, a soul dares to defy its own fate.

Such souls, including yours, are presented with the following contract:

“Battle on, little soul. Enter my arenas, emerge victorious a thousand times, and be granted control over your destiny here in the Mother Realm.”

Those who sign are given a body, tailor-made to their wishes and an arsenal of magical artifacts, each unlocking a powerful ability. Having the tools to battle against the predetermined nature of their fate, they fight to fulfill their end of the bargain.

Why did Nimelle went through all that trouble…?

Nimelle Dios Lil ArenaNimelle Dios, ex arch-sorceress, self-proclaimed mistress of life and death

According to Lil Arena Lore, a young, newly anointed arch-sorceress who dared the impossible.

Using The Amplifier, a marvel of arcane engineering, she channeled a Drain, the simplest of
spells, to its fullest capacity towards the dying core, effectively absorbing and condensing
the entirety of its energy. But a human body is not meant to hold such power – so she
anchored it to her very core, becoming one with it in exchange for her humanity.

Those that commit to this cause, are offered little bodies, powerful abilities and the
chance to fight in her arenas until they’ve proven themselves, earning control of their
destiny in the Mother Realm.

What’s under the hood?

Nimelle carries a tragic story of self-sacrifice with her,
it’s only fair that it is displayed on her physically as well. Although the poster insinuates a
femme fatale, there can be more layers to her. Look at Game of Thrones’ Melissandra.

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