Lil’ Arena Abilities Explained

By September 11, 2018Gaming

The 20 Lil Arena Abilities

4 Categories, 5 Elements, 20 Abilities

Ability Categories

Mobility: The Power Gems in your Boots, allow you to close gaps or create distances. They tend to drive your pacing.

Control: Your left glove’s power gem enables crowd and area control, depending on the element of choice.

Protection: The element you charge your floating orb with, determines how it keeps you safe in battle.

Attack: Channeling the element in your weapon’s power gem is the only means of damaging your opponents.

Author’s Note: All abilities except Mobility do damage as of Patch v.0.20.2.

5 Elements & Abilities

Divine Justice (Holy)

Inscribed by the priests of the High Order, these power gems come from the biggest cathedrals of the Human capital

  1.  God’s Speed: Briefly Pump yourself up, gaining 25% movement and casting speed, as well as cooldown reduction (Mobility)
  2.  Divine Shackles: You release a line of shackles in front of you. Any enemy who comes in contact with them gets Rooted. (Control)
  3.  Holy Light: You summon the light of the gods themselves. Anyone looking at you becomes Stunned. (Protection)
  4.  Judgement: You Judge multiple targets, by hovering your mouse cursor over them while casting. Each Judgement deals 1 damage. (Attack)


Deadly Force (Dark)

In the ravines underneath the Iron Hillside, Dark Elven craftsmen are weaving the essence of combat and death into power gems.

  1.  Marauder’s Leap: Jump into the fray! The first target you come in contact with, gets Rooted – if you miss, you get rooted instead. (Mobility)
  2.  Forced Awakening: Raze the ground around you, forcibly drawing its energy. Everyone caught in the blast gets stunned – if no one is around, you get Stunned instead. (Control)
  3.  Tortured Voices: Let the dead do your bidding. Their condensed energy detonates after 1s. Anyone caught in the blast gets Silenced. (Protection)
  4.  Cleave: Your enemies’ pain empowers you. Each target suffers 0.8 damage and increases your damage by 0.8 with a max of 3.8 damage. (Attack)


High Voltage (Electricity)

Charged with the maximum, power gems like these are engineered at the depths of the Rolling Bay, where the under-water Gnomes reside.

  1.  Flash: In the blink of an eye, you materialize into lightning and teleport to the target location. (Mobility)
  2.  Thunder Storm: You call down bolts of lightning, ravaging the targeted area. Players in that area are stunned. (Control)
  3.  Lightning Reflexes: You sharpen your senses, warding yourself against Stun, Root and Silence. (Protection)
  4.  Aponeurosis: Sever your target’s central nervous system dealing up to 2 damage based on how clean your strike is. Aim for their back!

Burning Shadows (Flames)

Power gems of this kind are infused with the essence of the Laughing Peak, where Orc Cultists do the shadow’s bidding.

  1.  Shadow Step: Tumble 4 to 8m forward, based on how long you hold down None. Used both for setting up attacks and quickly getting out of harm’s way. (Mobility)
  2.  Ring of Fire: You summon a burning ring of fire. Once the flames go higher, anyone who crosses them gets Stunned. (Control)
  3.  Night’s Veil: Blend in with the background, becoming much harder to track. Timed with your other abilities you become a deadly force. (Protection)
  4.  Hatred: Consumed by the flames of hatred, you periodically burn all nearby targets. If no one is close, you suffer the damage instead. Use again to Toggle Off. (Attack)


Forest Spirits (Woods)

Far into the Twilight Forest, the Arakokra shamans of the Res R’ Cher clan are infusing power gems with the spirit of the woods.

  1.  Recall: Leave a mark at your current location, allowing you to return to it by casting again. Returning consumes the mark. (Mobility)
  2.  Siphon: Siphon the positive energy of the closest target in front of you, stealing all Enrage, Shield, Pump and Immune effects from them. (Control)
  3.  Channeling the earth’s healing powers, you restore 1 health. (Protection)
  4.  Vengeance: Nature goes on the offensive, propelling a ball of energy which can be detonated by casting again. Deals 1.5 damage to nearby targets. (Attack)

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