Journey to an IndieDev Game

Picture This.

Being in College while taking up contract work. You have a dream, a dream of doing what you love. Let us say your dream is… Creating awesome games.The year is 2015 and you start your IndieDev game, Lil’ Arena.

You started a Journey to bring your dream to life. After a year of working alone you managed to get Here.

IndieDev Game – Lil’ Arena V.011 February 2017

This is the Stop in your journey where you got your Steam Greenlight . But it does not end here… Oh no.

Next you started gathering your crew.

And They, started calling you Captain. Responsibilities grew, the fun grew, the speed of the project skyrocketed !

And then ?


On an island not far away from Spain… You found a Treasure chest and fought for it. You won, because you craved for that warm glittering treasure…

You stood before the Judges guarding the Treasure, answered all their questions calmly and with honesty.

However, the best thing was not the Gold, it was the POTENTIAL.

The potential those Guardians recognized in Your game and offered you their Treasure.

The Malta Arts Council funded your dream. And then you heard it…

“The Captain DID IT !”

Shouted the whole crew and Lil’ Arena grew up into This.

IndieDev Game – Lil’ Arena V.019 May 2018

With this, you gathered your crew and sailed again for new Adventures. This time to another Island where Vikings lurked…

The Nordic Games Conference.

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