First days on Steam

By November 20, 2018Dev Blog

Lil Arena on Steam

Lil Arena On Steam

It has been 4 days since we launched our Early Access build for Lil Arena on Steam.

This Translates to more than 3.000 Downloads!

Sounds awesome right?

Well it has been Chaotic. Things that should work, were not working. People could not log-in, bugs we did not catch while testing and oh… Free speech. People are nice enough to leave reviews on our Steam Page, ranging from mother insulting comments to honest feedback. We still encourage people to leave Honest reviews and feedback about Lil’ Arena on Steam, since we want to offer You guys a game you would love to play!

The Bugs

a. Loading Asset Bundles stuck at 76/76
-> Game might require an SSD. If you have it on one, and you still get this kindly let us know. The known workaround is to let it loadĀ  2-3 minutes on Hard Disk Drives.
Track it here : Loading Asset Issue

b. Login stuck at “Locating your Soul”
-> You have a soul, we just can’t find it. Restarting the game usually solves this.
Track it here : Locating Your Soul Issue

c. Avatar Items purchased and then can’t equip
->Your items have indeed been purchased (so don’t worry, your progress is always safe). Restarting might fix this, we’re working on patching it [18/11/18] Track it here : Avatar Items Issue

These “buggers” resulted into more than half our Players not being able to Play the full experience of Lil’ Arena.
These “buggers” Apologized and are now Fixed ! As long as you play the game on a PC with the minimum Specs.

We indulge you to try it Now (again) and leave your Honest review for Lil Arena onĀ Steam.

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