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Lil' Arena

The fast-paced PvP online Arena.
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.
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Fast-Paced Matches

Forget about matches that last longer than they should – in this Arena of 2 to 8 players, you are in and out in less than 6 minutes.

Casually Accessible

You are not going to hear us say “Easy to Learn, hard to Master” – but don’t be fooled. It actually is.

Avatar & Ability Customization

Huge avatar customization options with more than 600 different ability combinations to choose from !

No Grinding – No Time Killers

No more endless Grinding. Sharpen your skills, or die faster than ever !

Coded with Unity Engine

Made by Indie Developers For PC

Looking forward to giving this a try. Looks to be one of the more original concepts for an upcoming battle arena title.

SirJaXXyon BrightLocker

Dude, i really have an urge to play your game. I would like to log in and do some slapping in the face !

DoomCoffee Break

Awesome games from awesome teams because we are awesome in our awesomeness ! Oh and Lorem Ipsum.

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